Sport Surfaces

Perm-A-Seal is a professional builder member of the American Sports Builders Association. Our experience and dedication will make your existing sport surface or new construction project exceed your expectations.

Tennis and Basketball Court Repairs

Pavement shall be cleaned with power blowers to ensure that all debris and foreign matter is properly removed. All ridges and imperfections shall be scraped smooth.
Crack Repair
Prior to the installation of crack sealer, all cracks shall be cleaned. Cracks over 1/4 of an inch shall be sealed with Plexipave Court Patch Binder.
Perm-A-Seal also offers the Armor Crack Repair System and the Riteway Crack Repair System.
Leveling ‘Bird Baths’
“Bird Baths” or minor depressions shall be located by flooding the courts with water or after a personal inspection of the courts after a rainfall occurs. Bird baths shall be filled with court patch binder.
Acrylic Resurfacer
After the completion of all repairs, an application of Acrylic Resurfacer shall be applied to the repaired areas in preparation of the new color system.
Application of color coat system
A mineral-filled acrylic coating called Fortified Plexipave shall be applied with rubber squeegees, which provides a colorful and uniform surface texture. Colors shall be chosen by the owner.


All layouts shall be done according to the American Sports Builders Association. Plexipave Texture Line Paint shall be used in the repainting of the lines, which provides a professional appearance.

Tennis and Basketball Court New Construction

A. All site work, grading and construction within the limits of this project shall be done in accordance with the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction in Illinois
B. Earth excavation shall include clearing, stripping and removing materials from the construction site as needed for installation of the new court surfaces
C. If unsuitable sub-base materials are present, as determined by the contractor and owner, within pavement areas, and if such sub-base material is not capable of meeting proof rolling requirements, the sub-base material shall be removed, if approved by the owner

Paving & Surfacing 

A. All paving work shall be constructed in conformance with the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction by Illinois Department of Transportation
B. Base course of CA-6 Stone shall be installed over the sub-grade
C. Bituminous Binder 1.5″ of binder shall be installed over the primed base course. The hot Bituminous concrete mix shall be spread with a mechanical spreader of the self-powered type having a floating screed assembly. The finished surface of the binder shall not vary more than 3/8″in, ten feet and have a compacted thickness of not less than 1.5 inches
D. Bituminous Surface. A surface course of bituminous concrete, having a maximum aggregate size of 3/8 inches, shall be installed with a mechanical spreader having a compacted thickness of not less than 1.5 inches
E. Final surface Inspection: Prior to the application of a color finish system, the court shall be flooded with water and allowed to drain. Then, if water covers a five-cent piece in any area, that area shall be patched and leveled

Color System 

A. The all-weather surfacing materials specified herein are products of California Products Corporation, 169 Waverly Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 or approved equal
B. Application – A thorough cleaning of the surface by sweeping, vacuuming and air blowing shall be done on all courts. In order to provide a smooth dense underlay for the acrylic color, two (2) coats of acrylic resurfacer shall be applied to the surface. Once dry, two (2) color coats of fortified Plexipave shall be applied by rubber squeegee on the clean dry surface. Playing Lines – Two (2) inch wide playing lines shall be accurately located, marked and painted with Plexicolor Line Paint. Lines shall be taped to assure razor-sharp edges prior to painting
C. Nets and Fencing are installed

Inline Hockey

Perm-A-Seal uses a reinforced smooth acrylic coating specially formulated for use over asphalt or concrete to create an all-weather, nonabrasive, multipurpose surface. This surface provides an easily maintained and color-intense playing surface ideal not only for inline courts but also for volleyball courts and play areas.

Pickleball Courts

1. A fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong
2. Played both indoors and outdoors on a badminton-sized court with a modified tennis net
3. Played with a paddle and a plastic ball