Crack Filling

No single asphalt maintenance technique is as effective at extending the life of your pavement as asphalt crack sealing. As cracks appear, water seeps beneath the surface and can cause extensive damage. Crack sealing waterproofs the asphalt and will prevent alligator cracking and potholes from forming. Crack sealing, along with sealcoating, is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to keep future costly asphalt repairs to a minimum. All of our sealants are a hot pour, rubberized material, proven to withstand the cold winter temperatures, as well as the hot summers, all the while keeping moisture out of the cracks.
Prior to the application:
  • We will clean all cracks and joints over 3/8″ wide with a wire wheel router to remove weeds and debris from cracks
  • Cracks will be blown clean to rid them of dust, loose material, and moisture
  • Cracks are sealed with our hot rubber sealants from the bottom to the surface level
  • Using our double oil-jacketed melter, our hot rubber material is heated to 360 degrees
  • Cracks are slightly overfilled and immediately squeegeed with a steel disk to create a neat uniform band
  • Our sealant takes around two minutes to set, providing a firm yet flexible crack sealant
Certified applicator of Plexipave and Brewer Cote!
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